EMF Protection Sticker – Gold Round – 5 Pack


EMF Protection Stickers containing volcanic ash can be placed on electronic devices like your cell phone to neutralise positive ions created as a result of EMF.


Our Quantum Scalar Energy EMF Protection Stickers contain volcanic ash and thus emit negative ions which counter the positive ions created as a result of EMF. These ‘sticker’ products can be applied to specific EMF emitting devices such as cell phones and laptops. They contain volcanic ash and emit approximately 2200 negative ions per sticker.

Place on your cell phone, tablet, laptop battery and any other electronic device you come into direct contact with to neutralise the positive ions and reduce the impact of the EMF on your body.


Orders of $59  will ALSO receive 5 FREE Scalar Energy Stickers ($12.95 Value)

Orders of $97  will receive 10 FREE Scalar Energy Stickers ($19.95 Value)

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