Flame Teardrop DesignQuantum Scalar Energy Pendant


The Flame Teardrop design pendant is smaller and lighter than other designs. It emits about 3500 negative ions which provide EMF protection and health benefits.


The Quantum Scalar Energy Flame Teardrop pendant provides EMF protection, reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system and improves mood. It is a smaller, lighter quantum scalar energy pendant. It is made with volcanic ash and emits up to 3000 negative ions. All our pendants will emit consistent measurable earth energy for life. This pendant comes with a metal chain.


 You will receive an ion-charged card containing volcanic ash. This emits about 3000 ions. You can carry this card with you and gain additional benefit from the extra negative ions.

Orders of $59 will ALSO receive 5 FREE Scalar Energy Stickers ($12.95 Value)

Orders of $97 will receive 10 FREE Scalar Energy Stickers ($19.95 Value)

Scalar Stickers emit approximately 1500 negative ions and can be placed on your phone, laptop battery, tablet and any other electronic device you come into close contact with regularly!

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Weight .1 kg