Here is some “Terms and Conditions” information that you may find useful:

Referral Bonus
If you like our products, we encourage you to tell your friends about this site. If they enter your name as the referral source at Checkout, we will give you a coupon code for a 10% discount on your next order. That’s in addition to any other discounts that may be in effect. To qualify, both of the parties must have completed purchases from this site or one of our sister sites (e.g. scalarpendants.com).

Shipping – Where We Ship
We want to ensure, as much as possible, that our packages reach their destinations. Thus, we only directly ship to specific countries where we have had success doing this. More details below:

  • The countries that we currently ship to directly are: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore.
  • We can ship to you through a re-shipper such as MyUS (myus.com) if you are in some other country. In that case, you open an account with MyUS (or another re-shipper) and they give you a US address that we can ship to. They will then re-ship it to you. The overall cost is very similar or less than the cost for us to ship it directly.
  • We do not ship to Canadian addresses. This is because it was too difficult to satisfy Canadian government requirements.

Shipping – Our Shipping Charge
We provide you with a shipping cost at Checkout based on the number of items (and weight) of your order. This is generally not the full shipping cost as we absorb part of the cost. We send our packages through Canada Post which then connects with the postal system in the destination country. We may send a package with tracking, depending on the destination and the value.

Shipping – No Free Shipping
We do not provide “Free” shipping. Some sites offer free shipping using the ground/sea option which can take up to 6 weeks for delivery. We don’t believe that would be satisfactory for our customers. Other sites offer free shipping but charge you a higher price for the products. Our shipping price is generally less than our full shipping cost and we pay the difference.

Shipping – Taxes and Duties
We do not collect any taxes on the items that we sell. You may be charged Duty and/or Tax when the package arrives. If that concerns you, we advise you to check the published rules and rates for your country.

Shipping – Mail Delays
We like happy customers and we will do our best to ensure that you receive what you purchased. The Pandemic seems to be mostly behind us, but mail systems haven’t fully recovered in all cases. In most cases they work quite well but it sometimes requires some patience. If you do not receive your package after a reasonable amount of time, please contact us.